Help - DNS MX records without A records


Is it possible to have only MX records without any website?
In that kind of configuration, I don’t receive emails from entities like OVH which seems to check for an A record.

Can I just add a false page to the A record? if yes, do you have any ?

Thank you.
My domain name is and it is hosted at Cloudflare.


I’ve seen some set up this way, so I’m not sure why OVH can’t send mail, unless the MX record points to a non-existent “A” record.

Certainly. Try

Thank you,
I just added it as A record.

One more thing, the dig cmd is returning me with empty queries. Any idea why ?
Only appending with the nameserver seems to work . (

Also this page reports a nameserver misconfiguration :

It looks like there’s a DNSSEC issue. It’s as if the registry has a DS record, but WHOIS shows there’s no DNSSEC. You may have to ask your domain registrar about this. And make sure DNSSEC is disabled on the DNS page here.


I recently moved my registrar to Cloudflare from Networksolution.
But i cannot disable anymore DNSSEC on NS, do you have an advice ?

For the moment I deactivated DNSSEC on Cloudlfare.

Thank you,

Support will have to fix that. Please email them: support AT cloudflare DOT com and post the ticket # here so we can escalate it.

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