Help directing my domain name to unraid server

Im trying to get cloudflare to point directly at my unraid server. I have cloudflare setup for subdomains and they work great. Every sub domain i enter goes where i want it to.
But here is my problem
I want to enter my domainname, i.e and have that point to my unraid server to host a webste of my own. How do i do this please?
Ive tried numours tutorials and countless entries and still it wont direct to me.
When i enter my domainname, the IONIS website pops up? (IONIS is the domain register)
Appreciate any help that you can give

Have you pointed the A records for WWW to the correct A/CNAME values?

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Hi @david-gregson,

From our perspective, everything looks good, the NameServers are pointing correctly to Cloudflare, even when you do the first request it loads your page showing that the Server is Cloudflare, meaning that our CDN Edge Servers are replying to that request, but immediately a redirect happens to

Please contact your IONOS support team and ask them why your domain is still being redirected to their defaultsite.

If you have any questions regarding Cloudflare, please feel free to let me know and I will gladly help.

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Thank you, sorry for the late reply…
Yeah that’s my next step. Tried putting a cname but that made no difference.
I’ve just restarted my server again. Want a fresh cloudflare account, and fresh installs without it looking a mess lol
Thanks again

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