Help deleting account (repost) error 1004

Please help me with deleting my account! I have another email address that I put as the super administrator to maybe allow me to delete account, but it still doesn’t work. See my error attached. Anything helps!

Can you open an account ticket here:

I have the same problem trying to delete account. Please help or escalate to support!

Can I please talk to a rep.?

You can contact support by opening an account ticket via the link @Cyb3r-Jak3 shared, if you haven’t already.


I already did, support told me to go ask in the community? Please help

Please post a screenshot of where it tells you to go to community.

I suspect it’s just an autoresponse with suggestions that you can reply to, but that will be explained in the email.

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All I need help with is deleting my account. I do not think it should be this hard. Please help!

The community cannot help, Support can.

I have encountered one obstacle when deleting an account. Too much time has passed to remember if my error message was the same as yours. My deletion attempt did produce a red banner and fail. I was able to resolve the difficulty by changing the account password to one without certain characters. I used a long alphanumeric string, probably 32 characters.

If the anecdotal knowledge from my experience is not applicable to your situation, you may contact support as shown in previous replies. Please understand that it may take considerable time for that support engagement to transpire.

@tjtiger16 can you please reply to your open ticket #2705517 and include your screenshot and a description - the reason your reply was generic to the ticket is because you did not explain the issue you were having. If you do that, our team will be able to engage and help you further.



I should add for the benefit of anyone following along trying to delete their account, all of the documented steps are available here:

Following this guide should allow you to succeed - but if you do struggle, you can contact support via as @Cyb3r-Jak3 mentioned and choose the Account category to submit a ticket.


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