HELP: DDos Attack on my site

Hi there,

I am hoping I can receive some help.

We have been experiencing a large DDos attack on our website since Friday.

I have enabled Under Attack mode, turned on the web application firewall. However this didn’t stop the attack. I have tried to setting up Captcha for specific IP addresses, but again this hasn’t really stopped it.

The only thing that appears to have prevented it was to set a Captcha to challenge every visitor. However I have now found that our website is not longer showing in Google search results, which I assume is due to Google being unable to crawl the site. This is a huge concern now, because as soon as I disable the Captcha the website will not load again.

Would really appreciate some advice.

website is

Here is some of the activity log.

It looks like you set up a CAPTCHA using a Firewall Rule. You can edit that challenge Rule to NOT match known bots (the good ones, like Google).

Hi sdayman,

Thank you for your reply.

I am not very tech savvy, so could you be so kind as to guide me how to do that?

Can you post a screenshot of your Firewall Rule(s) you’ve set up?


Try this. If it’s NOT your IP address, and it’s NOT a good bot, then CAPTCHA.

Thanks I will give this a try and monitor results.

Slightly off topic. Since google is no longer ranking our site due to this, do you happen to know how quickly the site will show in the search results again after making this change?

No, but there might be a way to use Google Webmaster Console to trigger a new scan.

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