Help creating DNS record for root domain


How do I set things up so that my website resolves through the root domain? Everything is setup through cloudflare.

I registered a domain name with cloudflare and have a website on cloudflare using pages.

The domain name “” correctly resolves.

The domain name “.com” does not.

I tried creating a CNAME record from “.com” to “”, but this gives me a DNS timeout error.

I admittedly do not understand networking or DNS very well.


Sorry you are experiencing difficulties. What is the error you are seeing when navigating to If you can provide a screenshot or more information about the error you are seeing we can provide further assistance with this error. Is that DNS timeout coming from within the dashboard or the computer?

Look forward to your response. Here is some documentation on common status codes.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Hello, I figured it out.

While I had added the DNS record, I had not added the site as a custom domain on my pages account. Once I got both ends configured, I was able to get things working.

Thanks for the time.

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