Help, create subdomain to my home ip

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I want to create a subdomain like: portioner . mobihen . com
and when I will type this, it will redirect me to my home ip with a specific port.

from no-ip services if I write my domain name and add “:PORT” I see my desired service.

The point of it all is that instead of remembering what port does each service at my home network has, I just write the desired service as a subdomain and it will redirect me to there.
Example: jellyfin . mobihen . com will redirect me to

I’m on a free plan at the moment

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Welcome to the Cloudflare Community.

The answers to your questions are not going to match your expectations.

  1. Mapping ports is not a function of DNS.
  2. The Cloudflare proxy only supports specific ports.
  3. Using the Cloudflare proxy with a media sever is likely to violate section 2.8 of the terms.

Just to clarify,
\if I have on my local network: let’s say it’s a BitTorrent server,
and I want to access from outside with a dynamic IP like, mobile,com:9000 but instead: torrent,mobihen,com it will be AS IF I wrote: mobile,com:9000

it’s not possible?


No. It doesn’t work that way.

can you please share how can I achieve this? in any way (not neccessarily

Thanks :slight_smile:

Create a DNS entry for which points to your external IP address ( Modify your firewall/router to accept connections from the interwebs on port 9000 and to forward them to Make the record :grey: because 9000 is not a port that can be proxied on Cloudflare typically.

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Please elaborate a little bit…
When I click add record I have other things in type. there is no DNS type there… please refer to me as a noob on this setup.

Thank you very much for your help!!!

You’re likely looking to add an A record.

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