Help connecting to hosting


Cloudflare is the domain registrar for my domain

Apparently I need to enter the following 4 nameservers provided by the host to be able to connect to it:


Can anyone please tell me how to do this step?

I have entered the IP provided by the host in DNS tab for the domain.

Thanks in advance.

Domains in Cloudflare Registrar can only use Cloudflare name servers…for now.

Have you asked the host why they require this? There’s generally no need to prohibit third party DNS.

It looks like there is a provision to use custom nameservers in Cloudflare but it is not in the free plan.

The host I am trialing is a reseller of 20i, a popular host in the UK and their cPanel allows Let’s Encrypt SSLs only if we use their nameservers. And I want to use LE SSL instead of Cloudflare’s.

I will consider moving my domains back to Namecheap.

Custom name servers are just Cloudflare name servers with your own domain names as labels.

As for SSL, you need both: SSL certificates on your web server, and the Cloudflare SSL certs on the proxy servers. But cPanel can usually install custom certs, like the Cloudflare CA certs:

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