Help Configuring Proper Email Setup

Would really appreciate any technical expertise on how to setup email/DNS based on the following:

  • Wordpress site hosted on Cloudways
  • Cloudflare for DNS only
  • Use Google Suite for domain email (only one email account): [email protected]
  • Wordpress setup using WP Mail SMTP plugin
  • Want to add Sendinblue
    — for the Wordpress transactional emails
    — and email marketing
    — sent from a subdomain:
    — but still under the same reply to email (Google Suite)

Trying to wrap my head around how to set this all up properly without also breaking regular email or the site!


  • how to configure DNS for the email subdomain
  • have DKIM, SPF, & DMARC setup for existing Google email, but what needs to be appended or setup separately for these regarding the Sendinblue emails.
  • anything else I should have asked but didn’t even know to

Extra Bonus Questions…I understand these are further outside the scope here:

  • any specific Cloudways or Wordpress configuration or tweaks for any of this

Huge, huge thanks to any help that can be provided!!


Hi @brian50,

To check I understand what you want. Your standard emails are with Google Workspace (GSuite), but you want to also send emails from addresses from Sendinblue.

If Sendinblue is only sending emails and not receiving them, you shouldn’t need to do anything with MX records, just ensure the email authentication (SPF, DKIM etc.) has the emails allowed.
If Sendinblue is only sending from the subdomain, you can add their authentication records there.

The MX records for the root domain should point to Google Workspace and their SPF, DKIM etc. should be added on the root domain. Then for the subdomain that Sendinblue is using, their SPF, DKIM etc. should be present.

You should be able to have the mail records separated for the root domain and the subdomain, and would only need to consider combining SPF records etc. if both services needed to send from the same hostname.

Hopefully that helps a bit, I’m not really experienced with the providers you mentioned, so I can’t be too specific.

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At this point, Cloudflare is providing standard DNS, just like any other DNS service. It sounds like what you need is a mail administrator to configure your systems.

It appears you already realize you’re using the Cloudflare Community to support functions not related to Cloudflare. would be the more appropriate venue for this.

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Thanks for the help. Combining this with additional info from Sendinblue and Cloudways, I’m sorting it out.

Also @sdayman, thanks for the rec, looks like a good resource to bookmark!


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