Help configuring DNS and preventing overlaps/conflicts with VPN

Hello, I just recently learned of DNS and tried configuring it onto my systems for more internet privacy. Decided to go for the Cloudflare’s malware mitigation version.

  • I initially set up + into my router DNS settings and seemed to get the connection working.

  • I went further and adjusted my IP settings under my wifi as well on my Windows 10 PC.

  • I also enabled the “use secured DNS” setting on Chrome and set it to Cloudfare.

  • Lastly, I added the DNS to NordVPN’s connection.

When testing on, I noticed that if I have the chrome or VPN options enabled, I’m no longer connected to Otherwise, I’m successfully connected. I suppose this mean I shouldn’t have the VPN nor Chrome Setting enabled so that my connections aren’t compromised.

My biggest issue is that I’d like to use my VPN concurrently with a successful connection to the Cloudflare DNS - could use some help with that please. I seem to be able to do so on my iphone and ipad but can’t get the web version of NordVPN to do the same.

Also would like to know if the browser and wifi steps are redundant and I should just reset them back to default since the wifi settings would seem to cover the DNS connections.

Lastly, I would also like to set up DoH but can’t figure out how to do so. Web searches led me to the settings I adjusted in chrome and windows above but no luck getting to confirm it either.

Any help appreciated, thanks!

Bumping this

True, as far as your VPN provider uses either or some other (Quad?), else uses it’s own DNS servers which certanly doesn’t offer what does.

Might be some issues, if so.

I remember ProtonVPN used and in combination for some time.

Therefore, since I haven’t used it for a year already, don’t know if anything changed, if so.

May I ask, why aren’t you using Cloudflare WARP instead? :thinking:

So I didn’t realize that WARP was available for Windows haha, thanks.

However, now that I have it, it seems like I can’t have WARP on at the same time as my NordVPN? Is there a way to do so or is WARP just not compatible to use in conjuncture with a VPN?

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