Help! (Code: 1004) Content for NS record is invalid

I have a problem or question, and it is that I try to connect a DNS, I have previously connected it with Cname, but I change the host. And now I get the following:

The host gave me two instructions. Put
as type DS and on behalf of servers put and

I do not know how to place it, it gives me an error when placing one and the other in space.
If someone could help me I would appreciate it.
This is what it gives me:

DS records are for DNSSEC. Do you have this enabled for your domain in the DNS tab?

If so, then I don’t know a way for Cloudflare’s to delegate away a subdomain while DNSSEC is enabled.

I’m sorry. It was not DS, it was NS, and in NS it only lets me put one glued, that is the problem I have as you see in the image.

Ah, now I see what you’re trying to do.

You can’t use NS records in DNS to set a domain’s name servers…because you’re already using Cloudflare name servers for your domain.

As a side note, not that this will solve your problem, but you tried putting both name servers into a single NS record. But NS records here are only for delegating away subdomains of a domain in your Cloudflare account. Not the entire domain, as stated above.


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