HELP!: CNAME Cross-User Banned Error 1014 with JazzHR

I"m trying to create a cname record using JAZZHR, but I’m getting this error:

Error 1014

CNAME Cross-User Banned

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The following article explains the error that you are seeing.

Make sure that you are following the integration guide as provided by JAZZHR. It may require that you set your CNAME to :grey: DNS Only.

I’m not clear, is there something I can do on cloudflare that would allow me to do this? This is what the other company said:

Thank you! Taking a further look into this, this occurs when multiple Cloudflare accounts point to the same domain. It appears the domain you are attempting to setup in your CNAME configuration has already been registered in DNS by another Cloudflare instance (whether their own or through another app). Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do for that domain specifically until it’s available to be registered again. You will need to have it disabled on the other instance.

Can you provide the domain name and hostname involved so that Community members are able to corroborate that information and perform necessary testing?

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