Help cloudflare SSL not working cloudflare SSL not working. First i tried flexible Cloudflrare SSL then shows browser shows Your connection is not private then again i tried encryption mode is Full but getting same error Your connection is not private but in hosting getting green sign for my website so please help me what’s the issue.

Hi @diu.jahidur27,

You appear to have installed a Cloudflare Origin Certificate on your server, however this is not publicly valid and only works if you have Cloudflare’s proxy enabled. The origin certificate is then used for the connection between Cloudflare and your origin server, but a publicly valid one is used between the visitor and Cloudflare. Because you have the origin certificate, if you enable Cloudflare, your SSL/TLS mode should be Full (strict).

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Now active SSL/TLS mode Full (strict) but still getting Your connection is not private
so what should i do now

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