Help: Cloudflare slow down my website

Hello everyone,

I ever heard that Cloudflare can speed up websites, but it seems that on my case my website get some delay response and it load in more than 10 sec!!

Here my website:

It is hosted on dedicated server and it was working perfect without Cloudflare, i am using it because of security reasons.

I checked with these tools:

Any suggestion please?



Loads fine for me and also at

Can you post a screenshot of the requests where it shows such a delay? You are using Wordpress though and that is known to perform poorly if not properly configured.

Hi Sandro thanks for your reply.

yes the site is up but the issue is about performance/speed.

You can check the score on these tools:


By “loads fine” I meant within a reasonable amout of time, about two seconds for me.

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Same here, if not less.

What you could optimise is the close to one megabyte image.

Every time i load the site on browser i got the homepage full loaded in 5-10 seconds. On mobile same.

Ok i do not really know what happened since yesterday :confused: it seems i got better results now. It seems also faster on browser but it has not the score i would like to have.

This Levarage browser caching with score F(18) is possible to improve? why it says that?? i have Cloudflare caching + caching plugin on wp…:confused:

You should definitely squeeze the size of that almost-1-MB image @sandro has pointed, which is your site’s background image. GTMetrix does not list it as a candidate to further optimization, because it is saved as a PNG file. Photographic images should always use the JPEG format, which is a compressed format developed specially for photography.

By converting it from PNG to JPG in my computer, the image has shrunk from 901 kb to 409 kb! And I just hit “Save as… jpg”, but you will probably be able to shrink even further by using Photoshop or some other good image manipulation software, like the open source Gimp. This sole change may take 1s out of your loading time :slight_smile:

Another potential optimization could be loading fonts from your server, which would make them cacheable by Cloudflare. You can do so by using an optimization plugin, such as Autoptimize or WP Disable, to stop loading them from Google servers, and another plugin to load them from your server (you can find the plugin recipe searching on Google). However, you’d have to do it and test for a few days to see if it make any difference, because Google may or not be faster than Cloudflare in serving the fonts, depends on too many variables to tell.

As for that Leverage browser caching, you can change this for Cloudflare-cached assets on the Cache tab > Browser Cache Expiration. Though you can get many GTMetrix points for changing from 4 hours to, say, 1 week, or longer, it won’t make the fist visit any faster. And of course your visitors may take longer to notice changes you make on you website.

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ok thank you very much for theclarification. I will go through your tips and let you know if any issue is still there. Nico

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