Help! Cloudflare shows not my website

Hello there! I issued a strange problem with my domain name. I registered domain in zone .live and added it to the Cloudflare account. Also I changed NS correctly in my registrar panel and domain pointing to my server’s IP. BUT after all I see absolutely another website on my domain in browser. O_o
Should I check some uncommon options in my account? Never have such problem…

CF account type: free
Proxification methos is Flexible
P.S. I have few another .live domain on another CF accounts and it’s ok - no such problems.
P.S. After registration of this domain name already gone 2 days…

You currently have a security issue.

Pause Cloudflare (Overview screen bottom right), make sure the site loads fine on HTTPS, and only unpause Cloudflare once it does.

Hello. Tried this method but nothing changed. I paused CF and still see not my website…
p.s. I have no ssl sert on my own server but the website still work on https protocol.

Then that is an issue with your site and you need to talk to your host. You also need to make sure it loads fine on HTTPS first.

That is not possible and also something you need to discuss with your host. Make sure it loads fine on HTTPS.

Fix the site now with your host and unpause Cloudflare only once your site loads fine on HTTPS.

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