Help cloudflare has kidnapped my domain lol

Ok im hoping someone can help me out im being given the runaround from two hosting companies both blaming each other.

My domain is it was previously hosted with shift4shop i recently decided to go with another hosting provider and redesign my site (kinsta) both use cloudflare. Once i signed up with kinsta i made all of the necessary changes to point to my new server on kinsta. this was three days ago online resolver tools show that the domain has propagated to the correct ip addresses for both and

however it is still somehow showing my old website with i have verified with my domain company that there are no nameservers or anything pointing to my old shop and suspect there is a conflict somewhere with cloudflare if that assumption is correct what do i need to tell my old hosting company? they are stumped and my new company is telling me its my old company and a cloudflare conflict of some kind. any help is appreciated.

bladez is not using Cloudflare name servers (it’s using, and is not proxied by Cloudflare. It currently points directly to Google hosting with a Flatsome theme. Cloudflare has most definitely not “kidnapped” your domain (lol).

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