[Help][CloudFlare][Free Tier SSL] about the configuration SSL/TLS

Hello there,

Looking someone helps me clear this problem < currently, I am searching relevant>

  1. Generate a free TLS certificate signed by Cloudflare - Done
  2. Upload Original (.pem) and Private key (.Key) to my VPS - Done
  3. Edge Certificates the status is Active (type: Universal)

Case 1: SSL/TLS checked “Flexible” my Wordpress everything is good!
Case 2: SSL/TLS checked “Full, event Full (Strict)” my site return the NGINX Welcome page.

Looking forward to resolving it. Thank you!

Sounds like you need to update your nginx config:


@cscharff I did something like this, do I need an update specific?

    #ssl cloudflare universal
                listen 443 ssl;
                server_name tapbutdao.com www.tapbutdao.com;
                ssl_certificate /var/www/tapbutdao.com/ssl/tapbutdao.com.pem;
                ssl_certificate_key /var/www/tapbutdao.com/ssl/tapbutdao.com.key;
        #end ssl cloudflare universal

thank you.

find-out the solution.
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thank you!

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