Help changing nameservers

I have a domain that I’ve bought here at Cloudflare. I have a website hosted on Netlify.
I want to use the domain for the site on Netlify. Netlify gives me 4 nameservers to input on Cloudflare.
When I watch tutorials it looks like it’s really easy to input the nameservers on any other domain host, you just paste them in, but on Cloudflare I’m completely stumped.

On the Cloudflare DNS page, what goes where? Is it a cname, an A or something else? What’s the Name and what’s the Target? I have experimented, but nothing I try gets the website up and I haven’t got a clue whether I’m in the completely wrong place, maybe I don’t need to add DNS records and I should be doing something else? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Replying to myself to add that on the DNS page it looks like the nameservers can only be updated on the £200 a month plan (I’m not on any plan as all I’ve done is buy a domain). I believe there’s still a way to point the domain to a website hosted elsewhere, but would appreciate clarification on whether that is the case, and if so HOW DO I DO IT???

If your domain is registered with Cloudflare you have to use Cloudflare nameservers, this is so you can use Cloudflare features. (You can delegate for subdomains).

You don’t need to change the nameservers, you just point your Cloudflare DNS settings at your hosting. Netlify tells you how to do it for them here…

Set up in your Cloudflare dashboard here…

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