Help! Changed nameservers by mistake, website glitchy!

My host Siteground told me to update my nameservers, which I did. I completely forgot that my nameservers needed to point to Cloudflare. I changed them back but now my website is showing up funny, and Elementor doesn’t appear to be working!

My url is

I have tried clearing cache everywhere and regenerating CSS with Elementor but my website is still appearing funny. Can anyone help?

I’m seeing a lot of 504 errors when trying to load CSS, JS, and images from Stackpath. You’ll have to check with Stackpath why that is happening.

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Thank you for your reply! I just jumped on live chat with them now. Fingers crossed someone can help me. The only thing that I’ve changed to my website in the past few days is my nameservers [I changed them back to point to Cloudflare] so I thought it may be something to do with that, but we shall see…

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It’s fixed! Apparently my IP address was wrong in Stackpath. Thanks for your help!

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