Help! Changed nameserver before dns scan on add site

Help! Changed nameserver before dns scan on add site. So now cloudfare did not discover the website’s dns settings! What do I do now. Seems like if I delete and start over it will no let you get another SSL Certificate?
Thanks for any advise.

You could

ask your host to export the DNS zone to a BIND compatible format and upload it here.

Change your nameservers back to your old nameservers and delete the site (not your account). After that wait at least 24 hours, add your site again to Cloudflare. This should initiate a new scan. Change the nameservers back to the Cloudflare NS once the scan is done.


I manually added the necessary DNS Zone records. Should that work?


Usually yes.
I don’t know yor zone. Copy and paste should be enough in most cases. I don’t expect that you have dozens or hundreds of DNS entries.

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