Help, cant receive any email from my website

hey, i have this issue where i cant receive any email from my website even email that i want to change admin email. i think it have to do with hosting but i really confuse which host my website. i have look it up on other website to search who host it, and it said cloudflare.

i had configure the MX to go to my gmail acc like the below screenshot but i still didnt receive any of the email. im really stuck for days now TT

If your MX is google, then hopefully you are using Google Apps (G Suite), as otherwise google will reject e-mails to domains it doesn’t know about.

Can you first check if you can send, from a normal e-mail program, an e-mail to your address?

If that works, then receiving e-mail works for you, and since your problem is “cant receive any email from my website” it probably means that your website cannot (correctly) send e-mails, so you’ll have to check how e-mails are sent, which is way beyond the scope of this forum.

But if you can post any details (logs from your outgoing mail server would be most useful), then it might be possible to help.

ouh, definitely not using the G Suite apps. just a normal Gmail account. it been days trying to figure it out.

well i use but i dont know it cant connect or authorised

SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.
CLIENT → SERVER: [credentials hidden]CLIENT → SERVER: [credentials hidden]SMTP ERROR: Password command failed: 534-5.7.14 <
534-5.7.14 mzmAo3QNPvi5HAGInRWlNBZMw-AVnrE_LAU4QeV2_tggmJ0nuaUHRMtqWTouAWnByOsGp
534-5.7.14 Nq3o4SLHQzYvf4dqPXV2Gz-k3G9x_5-nt7TpcjCrYhD58GMUjFpchw_eMHRUmvCq>
534-5.7.14 Please log in via your web browser and then try again.
534-5.7.14 Learn more at
534 5.7.14 u11sm2911974wrt.72 - gsmtp
SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.CLIENT → SERVER: QUIT
SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.

this is what it said

I’m sorry but it is not clear at all what your problem(s) may be.

You wrote “i had configure the MX to go to my gmail acc like the below screenshot”, and you have set your MX to be that of google. This means that if somebody sends an e-mail to then the sending server will have to contact google, but google will reject the e-mail because it doesn’t know it is expected to handle e-mails meant for
If you want that, you have to pay google for that → you need Google Apps.

You also mention that your website cannot send e-mails, but without any relevant logs or information about your website, nobody can know why it can’t, or why it should.

In your last e-mail you seem to try to send an e-mail via google’s SMTP server, which is your third problem. It’s not clear at all with which program you got that log, and what you are trying to do.
If you want to use google SMTP server then you need an account there, and you need to generate an “app password”, as your normal credentials will not work (probably because you enabled 2FA).

I still fail to see the relevance of Cloudflare in your problems above. Maybe try to take one at a time, and explain it as good as you can.

Im very sorry of my poor explaination and the inconvenience. p/s im kinda unfamiliar with all this codes and making website and what not. i make this website literally referring on youtube.

okay one at a time.

my website, have this issue where i cant receive any email from my website even email that i want to change admin email in wordpress and what i have searched was that it said it have to do with hosting which it leads me to configure the MX as shown before as im using a gmail. Thats the main issue here.

is that the gmail i want to connect to my website is [email protected] which is just a normal gmail. and u are asking for logs from my outgoing mail server. i dont know how to get that so i thought using a plugin in wordpress which i use Easy WP SMTP and used which appears as below as im trying to test it.

basicly the problem is in the configuration of the MX in cloudflare or other things?
is it clear enough sir? sorry again for the inconvenience.

what kind of information is that?

Thanks for the explanations!

First your second problem :), gmail’s SMTP server is rejecting your credentials. The link it provides you ( tells you to use an “app password” or to set your google account to allow “less secure apps”.
If you don’t do that, then you can’t use google’s SMTP server, unless you use a client (in your case, whatever Wordpress uses) that is updated to work with “modern” Google requirements.

As to your first problem, which relates to my question regarding “information about your website”, it depends on how your website is done, i.e. how it sends e-mails. You mentioned Wordpress, but not how your website sends e-mails (check How to send e-mail in WordPress, where they mention various possibilities).

If you have configured Wordpress (and/or whatever plugin you’ve installed for sending e-mails) to use your gmail account, then you have the same problem as your second problem: Google doesn’t allow authenticating with username/password, unless you allow “less secure apps” or generate an “app password”.

Normally you would install your own mail server rather than using Google or some other freemail provider. But this is way out of scope here, and I’d suggest you look for a professional to install/administer it, as the world doesn’t need yet-another insecure mail server (no offense intended, but it’s not a trivial thing to do/maintain).

Maybe as a first “workaround”, just make an account with some other (free) provider, and use that one instead of Google. (I’d also avoid Outlook/Hotmail/etc. as they may also have non-standard requirements).

Good luck!

Oh, and just to add. Your DNS/MX configuration only plays a role if you want to receive e-mails at your own domain (i.e. [email protected]).

That’s a separate issue (if at all), and it’s only related to Cloudflare in as far as it requires adding/changing DNS records, but I’ll stop here :slight_smile:

And that pretty much summarises it :slight_smile:.

Plus, @FaizHakim, your site is of course insecure because you have a broken SSL setup and an insecure encryption mode on Cloudflare. That’s actually somewhat Cloudflare related and should be fixed too, though it’s also primarily for your host.

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Thank you so much for the detailed answer, really really appreciate it!

will try all of the suggestion @bernardo.reino

once again thank you!!

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ouh really?? hope its getting fixed soon! thank youu!

You need to fix this. As long as you don’t do that your site is still insecure.

how actually to fix this? :sweat_smile:


Assuming that your servers IP address is the one shown in the screenshot in your first message, it would appear that SSL/TLS is not enabled.

That means you will have to enable that, for which you may need to contact your hosting provider. Cloudflare here notices that the destination (your server) doesn’t provide SSL so it generates a certificate on-the-fly[*], but this is not the recommended way.

[*] When I tried to connect to your site using https: the first connection took some time, and after that it was quick, so I assume Cloudflare generates certificates as/when needed, and maybe deletes them after a while.

If I connect to your site bypassing Cloudflare (“cheating” my own computer by setting a fake record on my DNS server), then it fails to connect with HTTPS (I get a “TLSv1 alert internal error”).

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