Help! - Banned Domain - Cloudflare not listening!

Ok so here is my problem!

Cloudflare has banned my domain for “Malicious” reasons, problem with this is that my Site is a File Hosting service, we host Any File Type, Text, Image, Video etc…

So it’s completely possible someone had uploaded a bad file but we comply with any takedown / DMCA requests along with doing out own checks periodically to remove this content! just like any other service like Dropbox, Google Drive, Imgur…

So I explained this to them, and that the file would be removed but they didn’t seem to read and just said “no” it will not be unbanned, But I don’t understand this I can do upload to another file hosting service using Cloudflare and then report them!!! what is this logic!!!

  • To be very clear, the site is not malicious at all! it’s a hosting service that requires no account it’s simple! but we do remove anything Like Gore, CP, Virus / Malware as soon as we are notified of it just like any other host.

This is there reply "Hello,

Your domain violated our terms of service specifically malware. We will not be allowing it back on our network."

Please help I need this domain up!

Hi @011, sorry for the issues you’re facing but this community of Cloudflare users cannot assist with banned domains. It sounds like you’ve reached the Trust & Safety team and they’re the ones that you need to work with.


Problem is! They are not listening.

Are there is no number to call or anything they just respond with the same 1 sentence when I explained it 4 paragraphs.

No, there is no number to call. I do know that each communication with them is logged, your comments are being read. I don’t know the details, but making sure you’re site is always on the good side of google safe browsing and project honey pot helps keep it off the banned list and may be worth checking.

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Can this still be posted please?

They are still doing the same thing, I just wrote over two pages to them and they don’t even acknowledge anything they reply with the same 9 words, I feel like writing on here is the only way to get the attention of someone this is ridiculous, or maybe you can put me in touch with someone?

My site is truly harmless, and we take any precautions we can, this should not be banned.

Hi, sorry about the issues you’re facing. I cannot see any earlier conversations you had with support, but I added myself to the most recent ticket and I flagged that to a manager for help. I updated them on the situation and have asked for their assistance. The manager asked about the details of the email you received. Can you include the entire body of the email(s) you received and share it with support?


Wow… @cloonan is going above and beyond. Trust and Security is practically the legal department. If they’ve shut you down, it’s for a pretty solid reason.


Hello, 1 of my ticket id’s is here 1618590, 1618606, 1618629, 1618777

  • The domain is, - I can more than assure you my site is legal it’s a upload site just like any other file hosting platform and we agree to takedown / DCMA requests, your team has banned it due to “malware” being hosted, now what your team simply doesn’t understand is, the only person that can access that link is the person that uploaded the file as it’s a 32-bit, randomly generated string to access it. - the site is less than 2 weeks old with hardly any users, this “report” is not only not something that should ban my domain as the file can be removed as soon as requested BUT - the report is clearly false and the person clearly uploaded malware and reported his own link to get my domain banned!

  • The file does not auto download, the string ends in .exe or (whatever file extention) and displays a download option along with the file size / details we have on it. - it’s down to the end user to download any files, just like any other site - it seems like mine is just being targetted a risk because of a false report and hat’s it - there has been no human to speak to no replies other than you cloonan (Thanks) - but instead just reply back to my pages of explanations saying “no” not why, no details, no responses to what I wrote the same thing. **When you know your site is legitimate this is very frustrating)

I truly appreciate that he is, and the thing is he is the only one at Cloudflare that has responded to me like a Human, this “legal team” you speak of, has sent 4 1 sentence automated replied to 4 different tickets, all with further and further details on why my domain is not at all a “risk” but they clearly have not read it instead just clicked a auto-reponse button.

There is nothing simpler I can say than this.

My site is a File Host, Google Drive is a file host - you can submit any files to both of these without any authentication which does not go against any web laws. - they both comply with DMCA / Takedown requests - so why mine is being labelled as “A Risk” is so confusing to me just because my site is smaller?

— On the other note like I replied above, the site is less than 2 weeks old with less than 2k views in 1 month, so the chance of a “Malware” link being spread to someone who has reported it is like a 0.0001% chance and was most likely self reported by the person who uploaded it as a malicious attack against the site. (All uploads are given a random 32-bit string to access them with the File Clearly explained prior to download if it’s an .exe the link will end in .exe, will require a download button to be pressed - it also states the size etc… this is the risk of the end user to download this file just like anything else on the internet)

Thank you for the ticket details. I don’t know why the site is banned, the Trust & Safety team can address that, but I can’t nor can anyone here.

I’d encourage you to keep a civil conversation in one ticket, it really helps the team to drive this to resolution. Here is the status, tickets 1618590 and 1618606 have been escalated to Trust & Safety, I don’t have access to them. Ticket 1618629 has been closed and merged into 1618777. On ticket 1618777, the support engineer asked if you’d include the email you received indicating the zone was banned and then I’ll make sure to get that to the team as well.

I tried, I did try I slightly lost it on the most recent ticket.

As they would respond + close, and then I couldn’t reply again once they had done that.

I didn’t even get an email, when the domain was suspended I found out after a friend of mine told me my site was off-line, sadly not the best way to find out. - I’ve asked for some kind of manager from this “safety” team as they are not responding to me like a human would, and it’s very automated it’s sad as I’d live to be able to call and speak to someone as these ticket responses are awful. (The normal technical tickets / sales etc… they are great but this “Safety” team does not know how to deal with anything.

Hi, thank you and understood. I appreciate the details. Once the ticket is escalated to trust & safety, I don’t see the continuing conversation but will continue to follow up on this. I don’t anticipate a lot of movement over the weekend but will watch for it.

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