Help adding my website

im trying to add my apache web server link, which is my ip, however, i have used, and it says i should add a domain and not a subdomain.

Hi @zacharyfoster32-22,

You can only add the root domain, i.e. in this case, and need to change the nameservers for the whole domain. You can then manage the subdomain under that and even bypass Cloudflare on the root domain if you don’t want it.

All this is unless you are on the Business or Enterprise plan, in which case a CNAME setup may be an option and you should just be able to add the subdomain.

i tried, but it says its banned. i just want to secure my server with https

Have a look at:

it doesnt say anything, but i suppose its error 1097 (high profile)

As @domjh already explained, you could only add As you are unlikely the owner of that domain you wont be able to add it. You need to add your own domain.

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