Help about Colocation needed

Hello, Hope all of you doing well. I live in Lahore, Pakistan and I have a stable internet connection of 8mbps down and 30mbps up. Whenever I tried to use Warp, It changed my colocation to the SG server. When I tried to ask the community on Reddit, They told me that we will automatically be connected to any nearest colocation server. But It seems like my nearest colocation server should be KHI and not SG. Can someone help me and explain to me that why am I in such confusion about this cause?

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I believe the WARP Service is not available in every cloudflare location, so when you are connecting to WARP it is probably picking what it perceives to be the closest data center that has WARP support, this may not be the closest cloudflare data centre to you (e.g. KHI) as possibly that does not support WARP but maybe SG does and is closer.


I am also from Pakistan as facing exactly same issue. We have 3 colocation centers: LHE, KHI, ISB. It seems that not even one of them is WARP capable. Warp+ mostly selects SIN or AMS colocation centers for me. In DNS only mode I get KHI colocation center although I am in LHE :slight_smile:

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Okay, I have got the point but my actual question is when will it get to support the WARP service? Is it in work in progress or is it not on your list to include WARP in this colocation? It’s because I’m in LHE and mostly my ping struggles to the EU side and only WARP helped me to get less ping instead of vpn. It will be very helpful to me if the work on WARP of KHI or better LHE completes.

For example in Europe, it’s even more complicated as Warp sometimes connects to a colocation in Netherlands (as it should) and sometimes to a colocation in Romania.

The problem is that it also changes your IP based on the colocation, so some local services don’t work properly or don’t show the correct language at the very least.

I have to disable Warp in order to be able to use them.

Warp should either have the option to select the colocation manually (if the automatic route isn’t always correct) or at least to show your real IP or assign you a local IP.

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