Help a noob - Can't add nameservers on Cpanel

Hello guys before to write here i tryied searchin everywere but without succes.

I’ve got two nameservice from cf:


Now, I enter on Cpanel → Simple Zone Editor:

Add a CNAME Record


Now in Name what i need to put ? In Cname i need to put ??

Sorry for my noob but also in the Cloudflare’s guide there isn’t “Cpanel” so I don’t know how can i do … Thanks a lot to who will help me !

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Hey dear,

You don’t need to touch your cPanel.

Please go to your Domain Registrar website, from where you have purchased your domain name.
There you need to update your new Nameserver under custom option.

For example, you can see this tutorial Center/article.aspx/767/10/how-can-i-change-the-nameservers-for-my-domain

Please feel free to ask if you have any queries.