Help! 502 Error

I had my domain parked at GoDaddy. I just moved it to Cloudflare + ClickFunnels and I get a 502 error for and a message from GoDaddy that it has moved for

I’ve looked at every tutorial I can - if someone could help me isolate - is this a GoDaddy, Cloudflare or ClickFunnels config issue — I don’t think the 502 is my browser cache.

I am not familiar with ClickFunnels and I don’t particularly want to wade through their sales page, so … do you actually have a website at

If so, I recommend the first thing you do is pause Cloudflare and see if the website is generating an error.

There are a couple more things you can do to troubleshoot, but it would be best to year from you what Cloudflare is pointing your domain to.

No - I purchased the name from Godaddy several weeks ago, but no website was created. So I moved it to Cloudflare per ClickFunnels instructions. ClickFunnels now host the whole site and they said it isn’t their end.

Did you get this straightened out? I see the 502 error is gone but the DNS shows Cloudflare proxy IPs so it seems to be working now.

No. The domain is still generating a 502 error for me, and I don’t think it is chached (I tried to clear and also used different browser).

No 502 for me :satellite: Here’s what I see