HelloFresh.com intercept message

When visiting www.hellofresh.com from my home Charter Spectrum connection I’m getting an hCapcha intercept before I’m able to access the page. When using Verizon Wireless IPs, it works without issue.

I tried reaching out to HelloFresh, but their support isn’t able to provide any answers. I’m getting the detail below - any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cloudflare Ray ID: 62b538c20994258f • Your IP: 97.95.47.XXX

This can happen in 2 ways:
First is that your IP is on a Bad Actor List and Cloudflare blocks it with the Pages Security Level in Mind.
And Second is Hellofresh blocked your IP, Country or ASN in their Firewall Settings.

We dont really are able to tell what from this is happening here but hellofresh should be able to.
When you give them the Ray ID they can search for this ID in their Cloudflare Firewall Logs and should see which Rule exactly did force the Captcha on you

That’s hugely helpful - I’ve been searching everywhere for a way to reach their web services team, since their general customer service can’t help with this odd website access issue.

I dont know them but they probably dont have a direct contact for the Webservices Team. You could try to give them the Link to this Thread and ask if they could forward it to the right Support Department. Maybe they can help you in this way

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