Hello pls i need help as firewall is blocking users from login

i did migrate my backend form host to new host and i deactivate my old cloudflare account
and made reactivate again to use new DNS of new host and after that i changed to cloudflare new dns

now i made block all countries except egypt , but i am seeing my ip is blocked while i am from accepted
countries !
Hello all
i need help pls …

This is backend of an application and was working great before changing cloudflare and also was working great after migration but without cloudflare

so after migration all was great so server is okay and logged in users can work easily
but when trying to sine up problem comes .

my question why this user from egypt "which is not blocked as country " was blocked

Those should be “AND” statements. You’re blocking if it’s NOT Egypt. OR if it’s NOT Saudi Arabia. So if it’s Egypt, then it’s NOT Saudi Arabia and will be blocked.

Thanks Sir , till now all i’ve found that both vodafone 4g and adsl users are not able to
login my App , i even deleted my CLDf account and not able to solve the issue yet .

If you deleted your Cloudflare account, then this isn’t a problem Cloudflare can solve.

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