Hello My website home page not working rest all website working fine,

Hello My website home page not working rest all website working fine,

We would need to know your site and the issue in detail to help you further. For example:

  1. What is the domain name of the site?
  2. What is not working? Is it not loading, or is it throwing errors, or something else?
  3. Was it working before? Did it stop working after a particular action was taken?

Remember, this is a public forums, so would pay to be careful with what you are sharing.

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Hello! Thanks for the quick reply!
my website is https://www.dorofashions.com/
yes yesterday everything worked fine but now only home page not working… its working like https://www.dorofashions.com/?cache=1
seems like cache issue

It seems like the page is only loading correctly with parameters applied, regardless of the parameter value.

So https://www.dorofashions.com/ is returning a poorly formatted landing page, where as something like https://www.dorofashions.com/?hello_world (or the ?cache=1 you mentioned), returns a proper landing page.

Can see a Swiper is not defined error appear on console for URL without parameters. When comparing the two URLs, requests to https://www.dorofashions.com/wp-content/themes/yozi/css/swiper-bundle.min.css?ver=0.6.12 is only made when parameters are present in the URL.

Unsure if WordPress or Cloudflare issue. Maybe sdayman has an idea on how to troubleshoot further.

It looks like it’s working now.

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