Hello , My website getting issues after enabling cloudflare


Hello there,

I have recently enabled cloudflare on my website. My website is based on Youtube Api , All content gets generated by youtube api. But after adding cloudflare I am getting issue in URL and title, pages with special characters in urls are not getting correct title as "my website is mp3 search engine , whatever user search in my website it will become Page url , title and heading but it look likes cloudflare is encoding special character which is causing issues. Normal characters working fine but special characters like hindi , chinese, japanese letters are getting errors that causing my whole website to suffer. Before adding cloudflare everything was working perfect. Please tell how to solve this issue. I am adding some screenshots for reference.

Page with special characters getting error : https://prnt.sc/kb4et9
page with normal characters working fine: https://prnt.sc/kb4f3f

Please help meto solve this issue.

Thank You


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