Hello Just Stated using Cloudflare Problems Started

My website has bee showing only text for the homepage and giving me no retun errors for other pages is this because I switched my nameservers over to cloudflare?

What is your domain?

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https://redribbonhelpers.com im using Elementor to as well.

It looks like the HTML isn’t linking to any CSS files which would explain the plain HTML. Could you try changing the DNS record to “DNS only” :grey: and seeing if the issue persists?

Alright, Ill try it right now.

Ok, so I see records that say “proxied” do I just switch all of those ones off?

You should only need to turn off proxying for www :slightly_smiling_face:

Its still showing text unfortunately.

Then we know Cloudflare isn’t causing the issue. Did the issue start appearing right after you changed name servers? Have you recently installed/updated a plugin?

yea the theme editor was messing up showing a “content not showing error” so I added this: **<?php the_content(); ?>, but ultimately ended up fixing it by just changing the permalinks lol.

I deactivated all of the plugins and only left elementor on and it was still showing the same screen.

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