Hello, I'm writing this post as a vent. I've been experiencing DDoS attacks on my w

Hello, I’m writing this post as a vent. I’ve been experiencing DDoS attacks on my website that I can’t seem to stop, even with Cloudflare! It’s unbelievable but true. Is it possible that I can’t stop this daily attack? The person behind it floods my server with thousands of different IP addresses. I believe it’s a Layer 7 DDoS attack, but I don’t know how to stop it! I’m using the Pro plan, and I can’t mitigate the attack. Does this mean I have to say goodbye to my online business? Should I turn to the police to stop these attacks? I’m seeking advice and would like to know why Cloudflare isn’t blocking these attacks, especially since they claim to do so, particularly with Layer 7 attacks. I’m truly demoralized, and I’m asking for help. I’ll show you the CPU spiking in the screenshots. Why isn’t Cloudflare blocking these attacks?

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