Hello i want to put my site kanaliena.gr

Hello i want to put my site kanaliena.gr on cloudflare but not my email server. can we do this?
my email i want to work from my server.
How can i do this?
i tell you that because i put name server cloudflare on domain and when sychronized i lose the connection email from outlook. not working…
and i change again name server again quickly because i have big problem…
So i want to change name server but only for my website to have more speed.
Just this
Could you please to help me somebody?
thank you

Cloudflare doesn’t host any mail anyway, so just keep using your mail server.

Just make sure that when adding the site to Cloudflare any DNS records related to email (usually ones like mail, imap, smtp, pop3) are set to “DNS only” and not proxied as Cloudflare can only proxy HTTP requests, not email.

Put your site back on Cloudflare, with the records as above, and if still any problems post back.

ok so why have problem with outlook.
ok i change name server again and i send you here…
thank you

Your mail subdomain is proxied, change it to “DNS only”.

If Outlook is connecting using another hostname, make sure it is in the DNS records and is also set to “DNS only”.

what do you mean? please help me

my client not take email on outlook
could yuo please to help me what can i do to fix it?

Ho to do that?

sir are you here i have problem…

Go here and select the domain…

…find the record for mail, click “edit” then press the orange “Proxy status” switch so it changes from “Proxied” to “DNS only”, then press “save”.

yes yes i found it
could yuo please to check it if we are ok?

That record is now not proxied…
…and the IPs have a mail server on them.

Assuming you have Outlook set to use that subdomain to send/receive email then it should be working.

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