Hello, I want to create an email with the same domain

Hello, I want to create an email with the same domain


Thank you for asking.

Cloudflare free Email Forwarding feature allows you to create personalized email addresses for your domain name and forward emails to other email addresses of your choice.

Cloudflare Email Routing (beta) is an email forwarding service that does not allow creating fully-featured email accounts and send outgoing emails from [email protected], since it’s a virtual email address. You may consider some 3rd-party Email service provider, which allows creating such an email account to send e-mails within your domain name [email protected].

Here’s how to get started:

You can request access to this BETA Email forwarding feature through the Cloudflare Dashboard → Email tab.

You have to add your domain name to your Cloudflare account to use this feature.

Usually within 6 weeks (or earlier) upon requesting access to Email Routing (Beta), this feature will be activated for your domain name.

More additional information about this feature can be found at the link below:

Please, consider a lot of customers who requested this are still waiting for it to be activated for their domains and we all need to have a little bit more patience :wink: