Hello i need help!

Hello to all the Cloudflare staff team of this forum, if you would be happy to help, I would be grateful!
Namely, I decided to ask you something simple, and that is about DNS resolver, I did everything step by step as required, I activated it for windows and the router, but I did not get good results with the internet connection, and that is that it remained the same for me, as download speed, so did the upload … otherwise the internet is very bad for me, the download is about 19, and the upload is 1.50, etc. I don’t know what to do, I tried but it didn’t work, the same results , maybe a tad bigger, but nothing special. Do you know maybe the solution to this problem, if it can be called a problem? is DNS, so it speeds up lookups for your browser, but it does not speed up your ISP connection (uploads and downloads).

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So if I have activated I should get a significant improvement as far as search on the browser is concerned, no matter if the connection from the ISP is the same for me?

I believe a decent information about can be found here:

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A significant improvement relies on your ISP’s speeds. can increase speeds in ~10ms.