Hello, i have problems with getting acces to a domain over the Nameservers

Hello I am starting my first project, i am completely new here and i have bought a domain at ionos. There i have put in the dedicated cloudflare nameservers, but when i try to open the domain in a browser, i get the Error 1016…Cloudflare is not able to resolve the nameservers.

Can anybody give me support, please

Error 1016, as the page says, usually means you have a CNAME that points to a target that doesn’t resolve.

What is the domain? Can you show a screenshot of your DNS records from here…

it is: www.rarahome.at

If that’s all your records, you don’t have a DNS record for www.rarahome.at which is pointed at by the CNAME. You either need to CNAME to your host, or find out the A/AAAA records to use from them.

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Hi sjr…sorry for beeing such a noob…istnt it this entry, which i made in cloudflare?

No, you have asked for requests to rarahome.at to resolve to the same address as www.rarahome.at. But there’s no record for www.rarahome.at, hence the error page.

You need to contact your web host and find out what A/AAAA/CNAME records are required to connect to your website.

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Hi there,

You currently have the apex pointing at WWW, but have no record for the WWW itself.
Please create a record pointing your www to your origin:

Take care.

thanks to all for your help…I could find the solution for my problem…I use the domain for redirecting to homeassistant for automation of my house…the problem, why it didn´t work right, was, that I didn´t restart the Cloudflare Addon in the Homeassistant…everything else was configurated right…Thank you

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