Hello i have a question about nameservers

Hello, I recently switched my hosting from “Go-daddy” to “google.cloud”. But my domain is still managed by “go-daddy”. My question is. Do i point my domain’s nameservers from go-daddy to google.cloud then to cloudflare? Or do i point my domains name servers from go daddy to cloudflare and google.cloud to cloudflare .

You set name servers at the place where your domain is registered. You don’t need to worry about where it’s actually hosted. So it sounds like you need to update at GoDaddy.

ok nice thankyou. The only thing that has me confused is that google.cloud is also asking for the name servers and they are just my host. What do i put those as ?

Nothing. You don’t need to change anything at Google Cloud.

Ok great thank you!. Ill give it a shot and update you

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Works great! Thank you.

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