Hello, I found a pornographic website using cloudflare services

Hello, I found a pornographic website using Cloudflare services.

this website is [Link removed by Cloudflare staff[

Pornographic websites have adverse effects on children’s physical and mental development. It is easy to cause mental illness in children. Please stop serving Cloudflare, thank you. We are the International Association for the healthy development of children.

I do not represent Cloudflare or Cloudflare’s views. You should read their TOS and Abuse policy.

Based on the abuse policy and TOS listed above, Cloudflare does not prohibit pornography from being hosted on its service. The only exclusion is underaged (including CSAM) or non-consensual porn, in which you should immediately notify the website operator; you may also contact the FBI or your local crime authorities at any time if you believe illegal content is being hosted.

(My opinion): Instead of requesting takedown of pornographic websites, I suggest making sure the website has the Restricted To Adults (RTA) label somewhere on the page (usually found in the footer). This will allow parental blocking programs to safely and reliably block websites that display age-sensitive material. If a website does not have this when you think it should, you should contact the website operator about getting the label implemented.

There are many many systems between the host and the browser. It’s not possible nor fair to ask them all to block the traffic. I’m all for protecting kids from inappropriate content. And as a parent, that’s part of the job of protecting my children. It’s not Cloudflare’s. Nor the manufacturer of the cameras used, etc.

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As long as it is not against the law like child porn there’s nothing to do. It’s the parents are responsible to control Web usage of their kids. Here in Germany parents are required to do this. Especially for social media.

Using filter software is not that difficult. Or DNS services like OpenDNS. Better require the owner of this website to mark it as restricted to adults.

Take down requests will fail if there’s no illegal content. Why not? They earn their money with it and it’s OK.