Hello i am trying to host my cloudflare register domain but keep sho

Index of /

Name Last Modified Size
Directorycgi-bin 2024-01-01 21:54 -
Directoryteam 2024-01-02 22:49 -
Directorytest 2024-01-02 22:40 -

Proudly Served by LiteSpeed Web Server at rhmodz.com Port 443

Its show this index of even these folders dont even exist in root directory

I’m confused. This doesn’t seem like a Cloudflare issue, does it still happen if you pause Cloudflare?

Yes its still happen what should i do i purchased domain from cloudflare

Is this your domain? If not, then you have a DNS record pointing at the wrong IP address (although right now seems you have deleted the DNS record).

If it is your domain, when did this start as the domain has around for some time and this doesn’t seem to be a new setup.

If it is your domain and as you say it still happens when Cloudflare is paused, it can only be a problem on your origin server.

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