Hello i am having trouble with cloudflare' suggestion: Make sure all A, AAAA, and CNAME records pointing to proxied records are also proxied to avoid exposing your origin IP

When Cloudflare makes the recommendation: Make sure all A, AAAA, and CNAME records pointing to proxied records are also proxied to avoid exposing your origin IP.
I know, Im stupid,but trying … I would like to know how i change these records to proxy or the orange cloud. And if the is even possible with a shared IP hosting package - like with godaddy for ex.
Many thanks to the community at large for even allowing me to post. Any help appreciated

Hiding your origin IP is a “best practice”, but impossible in some situations where that same server provides other services, such as email. You can only :orange: records used for HTTP/S (browser access).

Which specific records are you having problems with? Mail?

Dear Sdayman:
So sorry to disturb… it is just when I was looking at the DNS record there were a lot of Q marks from cloudflare so i just clicked them to make them the cloud still not really

understanding why as admin or mail or MX record i should use a proxy? at present all these sites will be redesigned so There is no other reason for me to have ssl except for the site data _ I mean if someone wants to see

the site; i don’t use mail or any other services at present. I just didn’t know what an MX record… I am so sorry to bother you all on this especially since i am taking advantage of your free service; but when i look this stuff up often

i end up spending hours and still feeling that i am in the dark. So, as long as visitors cna visit these free sites the rest doesn’t matter - there are no attached accounts and i don’t think with the traffic that they have …anyone would want

to bother with them… no?

.all the best


Please post a picture of your DNS page. But cover up the IP addresses.

Dear Sdayman:
Please excuse the delay… I have been taking an internet class and its been bangin me up pretty bad so when an assignment is due i drop everything else. Since our last conversation; i just clicked all the clouds to orange. you can see my page now in attachments. But like i mentioned ; these sites are due for an overhaul and no mail is used with any of them (i just use the godaddy server) I just didnt know if I should click them all to orange or not and I also do not know what an MX record is. I have had such a great experience regarding the cloudflare community. See a lot of these sites started nearly 20 years ago and my partner who wrote them just didnt want them to go away (at this point they are just hobby sites which is why we could not have afforded a security certificate for each since none except Taxco-Today.com generates any income. I ask about the MX record because I reached out before to the community before regarding a security issue but the answer was more difficult than my small mind could grasp so I just pretended that I never got the email and just left it. This time before I clicked all the clouds there were these warnings saying that I was leaving myself open regarding email and admin etc.

So, It seems OK now and by july I am going to remove most of these sites; i see no more reason to keep them. Many of the people pictured are now dead; so i think it time to let them go.

All the best and many thanks for following up; but I am sure you have much more important things to do .



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