Hello. How can i see my plan

Hello, i am new in the company, and i am a little loss. Could you please tell me, how can i see my plan. And if my plan is free, can i have access to a hosting?

The plan is on the overview page and Cloudflare does not provide any hosting.

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thank you so much

I was looking, but it tells me that the hosting is with Cloudflare, but I don’t understand how to look. I am a new employee, and the person before me doesn´n tell me the information. I don´t know how can i see that. Could you help me please.

All you can get from your Cloudflare account is the IP address, but that won’t help much either. You need to find that information somehow, Cloudflare does not have it.

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What tells you that the hosting is with Cloudflare?

Presumably the address lookup :slight_smile:

i was looking in this page: sitechecker.pro/es/hosting-checker/

As I assumed, but that does not say anything about the host. You really need to check your invoices, maybe ask some colleagues. Neither Cloudflare nor the community has that information.

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When a site uses Cloudflare, that tool will tend to give you an incorrect answer. Cloudflare is a proxy that sits between your site and your visitors.

You’re very kind. Thank you so much for your help, i will loking for my answer. Thank you very much again.


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