Hello, Help Please!

I’m new to Cloudflare. I am not that tech savvy, so a lot of this language is new to me, but I’m learning. I am in the process of moving one domain via Duplicator Plugin to another Domain. I am getting a 524 timeout error when my database is trying to install. I keep raising my execution time on my vps server, so I’m thinking maybe it has to do with a setting in cloudflare? Can someone kindly direct me to this please? I would so appreciate it! Thank You!

It’s quite likely that your Duplicator is taking longer than 100 seconds to do its thing, and Cloudflare times out at 100 seconds. You would have to use the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option in the Overview page for the both domains in the Cloudflare Dashboard. That link is in the lower right corner and will take five minutes to take effect.

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