Hello Guys

I had problem already put it here but not solved,

my issue to connect cloudflare to my website that hosted in bluehost,

I have wordpress website [https://munbr.com], I had been take your monthly pro plan directly from your website, but its not able in website. when I talk with bluehost serves they told me to ask cloudflare to activate in your site

When I checked DNS I saw the Bluehost server name.

could you pls help me to solve

and I need live chat with Cloudflare, any can help pls

Thans alot

Live Chat is available on Business and Enterprise plans.

Did you already pay for this?

yes I have already paid 20 USD for Cloudflare Pro Plan + 5USD Argo Zone Level Plan
could you pls help me to activate it in my bluehost.

Do I Need to Change My Name Server to Use CloudFlare? - Bluehost

Your IP address indicates it is going through Cloudflare. Your NS records point to Bluehost - which according to the article above is correct if you are using CPANEL.

I suggest you review the link and then contact BlueHost based on that.

I think the catch is that it’s a Bluehost setup for Cloudflare. So while it’s going through Cloudflare, I don’t know if the OP can layer a Pro Plan on top of their Bluehost integration.

The proper way to have set this up would be to disable the Bluehost integration, then manually add the site to Cloudflare before purchasing the Pro Plan.

My suggestion would be to disable the Bluehost integration and see if your zone here doesn’t disappear. Hopefully it will remain, but will instruct you to set your name servers to the one Cloudflare will list on your DNS page.

If the zone does disappear, you can ask Billing to pro-rate refund what you paid so you can apply that to the re-purchase of the Pro Plan.

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