Hello Guys I Need Your Help This Is Urgent

Hello Everyone , I Wanna Ask To You Guys / Developers About My Problem And This Urgent Because This Is Big Project For Me.

In Yesterday Or In 12 Nov 2021 , My Website Have A Trouble When I Connected To Cloudflare And I Wanna To Remove The Site And Change My Nameserver Back To My Hosting Providers NS. So Me Already Wait For 24 Hours + And The Nameservers Not Going To Change.

In Cloudflare I am Already Remove The Site From The Cloudflare And Change The New Nameserver To My Hosting Providers.

So Please , I Hope You Can Help Me About This Problem

Thank You Guys

My Domain It’s Certidex.org ( Main Domain ) Sometimes I Can Access The Website But When I Wanna Access The Subdomain connected.certidex.org ( Main App ) Its Cannot Be Pop Up And Show Can’t Reach The DNS. So Me Already Ask To My Hosting Providers & Domain Providers That Says Need To Wait Until 24 Hours

It looks like you have successfully changed the name servers for your domain.

$ whois certidex.org


Your provider is correct - it may very well take 24 hours or more for these changes to fully propagate. It is just a matter of waiting, I’m afraid. But it wouldn’t hurt to have an extra look at your DNS configuration at “rumahweb” to ensure all your DNS records are present after the move from Cloudflare.

Thank You Very Much For Replying My Question , My Nameserver Already Changes After Me Making Tickets Repots To My Domain Providers

Both working and resolving at least from my end for now (not using Cloudflare):

Quite possible, but not yet done everywhere:

If recently changed or moved to Cloudflare, for a proper DNS propagation time, it may take up to 24-48 hours to apply the changes, even some time too for your local DNS (or the ISP provider) to apply the changes and respect it as-is.

Nevertheless, I could only add a note here as far as a day or two ago, I am experiencing some issues with one of my local homecountry ISP as it seems it didn’t yet updated the records for one domain in the 48 hours time-frame, rather it takes some much longer (I hope 72 will be enough) with some unknown reason why, and some of my users/visitors experience outage, while all the other working fine.

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