Hello for the experts please help me

Stop: Is this post about the product “Cloudflare Access”?
Or, is this post about how you access Cloudflare?
If accessing Cloudflare, post in the #security category so your post is not ignored.

Hello All thanks for let me join and let me ask for this issue,my site has been ddosed by one guy with multiple ip adress, and while im protecting by js challenge and its working,how can i improve the performance and the site visibility to share? because when i share the previe such as thumbnail and description not available,thanks and regards

You probably don’t want “Access” for your site. That would require any visitor to have some sort of login to even see your site, including search engines.

That’s good news.

It sounds like you’ve enabled “Under Attack” mode, which isn’t a good long term solution. Here’s more DDoS info:

thanks for the help

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