Hello everyone!

I have a zte f618 router and i cannot find how i can change the dns server to , and i find in the user manual and internet and i didn’t find anything can someone please show me how i can to this with photos pls.

Cloudflare articles are here:

In case you cannot setup DNS and at your router, you can always setup it at your Network & Sharing Center (using Windows) for your Network connection (advanced settings/properties) under IPv4 options (properties) and there should be “Use automatic DNS or Manually enter” checkbox (radiobutton) to choose and enter the IPv4 of the desired DNS server. On the end, click on the button “Ok/Save”.

Moreover, if using for example Mozilla FireFox, in the Options you can find Network settings (about:preferences#general) and an option “Activate DNS over HTTPS” where you can select Cloudflare from the dropdown list.