Hello every one!

Do you guys know how to enable or restore WordPress Rest API by any chance? This is the error I`m getting on my website. I don’t want to think that is Cloudflare that is blocking something for my website.

REST API Endpoint: https://mydomain.com/wp-json/wp/v2/types/post?context=edit
REST API Response: (403) Forbidden

Thanks in advance,


If it is Cloudflare blocking your REST API, you can find out by making a request to that API and then 5 minutes later visit your Security > Events panel on the Cloudflare Dashboard. Search for events that represent a request with the REST API endpoint. You can use a filter for URI Path contains "/wp-json/", for instance. .

The event panel should give you details such as what was the Cloudflare service that blocked the request, and in case it was a WAF Rule, which specific rule did it.

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