Hello community! IP amazon blocked

Hello community!

Well, I have a VPS from amazon and I use it as a VPN Server, I see that cloudflare blocks direct IP from amazon, I wonder if something can be done, a “whitelist” of IP’s, because sometimes with a VPN you expect to browse securely, but ends up receiving a lot of Block coming from cloudflare

I am not sure how does this happen, but do you use some Firewall Rules or IP Access Rules under the Firewall tab/settings page at Cloudflare dashboard.

Moreover, if you have an IP address from Amazon, or rather Amazon ASN, you can bypass it or it’s IP range(s) using them.

As I do not know how do you use your VPS as a VPN over Cloudflare (are DNS records being proxied via Cloudflare - :orange: clouds) or something like Magic or Spectrum.

I block AWS because of the ridiculous amount of bots using AWS.

So it’s not Cloudflare’s decision to block - it’s the site owner’s choice.

For close to the price of running your own VPN (I’ve tried this before with Outline), you can find a more global VPN with good pipelines.


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I understand ahuahuahuahua, there are many bots! ahuahuahua, so much that in my DNS I had to create rules for my IP.

If you can indicate a fast and reliable VPN with Brazilian IP I would be grateful, because yes, with value that I pay in VPS more viable pay VPN plan.

Before I used my VPS to Proxy, but due to lack of privacy (Anyone could use) I made a VPN Server on it.

Have you tried Paid ProtonVPN?

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