Hello cloudflare management- perhaps there's another way to 522?

My programmer wants to use Cloudflare. I’d like to, but there’s one deal-stopping problem. When Cloudflare can’t reach the host, it offers the user a business-killing, no-exit error page. The 522 is the Cloudflare equivalent of the Blue Screen of Death. Most people have no idea what to do with it, so they leave.

Would it be possible to show a cached version of the site in these instances? Short of telling the customer to bug off, I can’t think of a worse response than the 522 Cloudflare error page.

Can we fix this?


You probably already know a 522 is your server not responding to Cloudflare:

Pro plans let you customize the 520-526 error page:


Thank you for that page. As far as I can tell, the paid plan still only offers a bunch of error codes. Since Cloudflare has the entire site in cache, why not serve a cached version of the site?

The error page can be full HTML. There are some Cloudflare shortcodes you can add to include error messages.

Always Online is supposed to work when you get a 522, though I haven’t tried this.

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