Hello again, Weird

Hello again,

Weird issue just popped up. No one can access the company website internally. Externally it works fine. I’m guessing it is a dns issue, but not sure. Cannot ping by name or IP address.


That does indeed sound like DNS. If you have an internal DNS server, I’d review it’s status and configuration.


I know it’s DNS but can’t get help and don’t know how to fix it. I am in the process of emailing Cloudflare back and forth. No one talks to you and there instruction they send you to try things take an IT Expert. I am so lost and frustrated.

In not sure why you are emailing Cloudflare. No one at Cloudflare can help you with your company’s internal DNS. The reason you are being sent information that looks like it is intended for IT experts is because your problem is one that should be handled by an IT expert.

You would not email Volkswagen and expect they could send a reply that would make you an expert mechanic. IT is not any different.

Your company should hire an IT expert so that you don’t have to be lost and frustrated.

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I spoke with the company who hosts my website on chat for 3.5 hours last night troubleshooting, making sure it was set up correctly on their side.
They said the issue is with Cloudflare who hosts my domain. I pay all of them to manage my website and domain so why would they not be able to get it working. All of a sudden this has happened and the technical issue is on their part, I did nothing wrong, so they need to reconfigure it. I am not about to hire a stranger/IT person to hack into my system who I don’t know or trust. Thanks for your input though.

If you can visit the website from anywhere else and it works just fine, the issue is unlikely to be with Cloudflare, at least not the public DNS for your zone.

Are you using Cloudflare Zero Trust for DNS in your office? If so, who configures and maintains that for you?


Can we get more context on what this means? What is the specific error or problem displayed?


Sure, when I go to my company website that I manage it no longer opens up and I get this error below. I am reviewing tons of blogs and this is a common error but they all say different things to try and I cannot understand how to, as they are not detailed in their instructions.

This site can’t be reached

  • took too long to respond.


  • Checking the connection
  • Checking the proxy and the firewall
  • Running Windows Network Diagnostics


I maintain all. I am a small start up business. My 2 children work with me remotely. I have the Pro Plan, that’s what it is called thru Cloudflare.

This looks like a network issue. from the terminal run

dig example.com (for whatever your hostname is)

Compare it to the IP address lookup from an external tool (e.g. mxtoolbox.com). If they match it’s a network issue… that could be your firewall, router, ISP or your government.

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Thank you. I will check this out.

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