Hello after adding a record

hello after adding a record of a web hosting’s ip my site is not opening its also redirecting to www but i don have any record of www please check and I have done same method and host a site alraedy but this site is not opening

There may be a rule redirecting traffic to “www,” but you don’t have a DNS record called www.

  1. Log in to your Cloudflare account.
  2. Navigate to the DNS tab.
  3. Add a new ‘A’ record for ‘www’ and provide the same IP address as your root domain.
  4. Wait for some time to DNS propagate, then check your site.

If a ‘www’ site is not necessary for you, consider implementing a redirection from ‘www’ to your root domain. Here is how, Single Redirects — Example rules · Cloudflare Rules docs

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